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Private Digital Cash. Welcome to our home! AEON is an open source project, and therefore it’s life comes from the AEON community; the regular people who decide to follow and help build the project.

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Aeon is developed from a community-driven approach, so there are no official resources or official organizations that are leading it. Smooth, a developer for AEON since 2014, has maintained regular updates to the source code on GitHub. Additional support is provided by community developer Stoffu as well as many community contributors. Everyone is invited to contribute to the AEON project whether that be developing new applications or integrating AEON as a payment method.

Aeon Background and Implementation

These are the current releases for the Aeon project

Aeon CLI (v0.14.1.0 “Chronos”)

Aeon GUI (v0.14.1.0 “Chronos”)

Hashes for Aeon CLI and GUI

SHA256(aeon-gui-linux-x64-v0.14.1.0.tar.bz2)= fe4d98e46211a72a618a4a14669796fd570829a4dddb830c33cb20bec7d414f2
SHA256(aeon-gui-mac-x64-v0.14.1.0.tar.bz2)= bf77694df5bfe3ccd9262db14355094161d31990bba0a5b26dd99a36d9036c64
SHA256( d8b384be827c841dfe40e8037f5b11ec7c024ebe4bd65f45d01ed81fce8baf0d
SHA256(aeon-linux-x64-v0.14.1.0.tar.bz2)= 15d5b01d0d9434bce70b088315086dd83ff9dea20a5492ffccc6d1e3704cc1f5
SHA256(aeon-mac-x64-v0.14.1.0.tar.bz2)= d9cc9fc393db5993190a3fe40c88f2047feb4c0a692b1b704deec108ad3d454a
SHA256( 7d289940ed7e79e6f929feea122a889066e9fc1be06fd22d0e7801a8b31b1e5f
SHA256(aeon-blockchain-1265000.raw)= 3be0b4bd6d118b8fdbef056aacde4303a07b8dc204aa6c7787cf5f043953649c

Raw blockchain file download

This is a raw blockchain file provided by Stoffu. This file can be imported instead of syncing the blockchain from 0 yourself. It is always recommended to sync the blockchain yourself however this is an option if you desire. Blockchain.raw file.

To import using AeonCLI run this command: aeon-blockchain-import --input-file /path/to/your/file/blockchain.raw

Note to edit the /path/to/your/file/blockchain.raw with the physical path you put the downloaded .raw file in.

Aeon Electron Wallet (AeonLW v1.4.1 “Zeus”)

Aeon Android Wallet (aeondroid v0.14.1.0d)

Aeon Android p2p (aeondroid-p2p v0.14.1.0d)

Monero and Aeon share documentation for RPC methods so much of the information available for Monero applies to Aeon also. There are also guides for Aeonix software available here: